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The /use bag slot command lets you use an item in a specific bag slot.13 14 15 16 For an example of a practical use for this command, let's say you always putWoW -> Community -> Macro Guide, Part 1 lolletscopyandpastefromblizzard.

Addon Spotlight: Macros, macros, macros. Olivia Grace, ... But the macro interface, as one of WoW's older ones, ... targets etc, and a useful list of all your slots to insert with /use into a ... World of Warcraft Guide: Macro Guide - BANK OF WOW To use the macro, run World of Warcraft, and type /macro. This will bring up a new window with empty boxes. At the bottom, select "new" and you are promted to select a graphic icon and to name your macro. After that you get to a screen where you can type up to 254 characters. Overview - Macro Toolkit - Addons - Projects - WoW CurseForge Does Macro Toolkit dynamically update sequence macros in extended form? in the past i could never get it to, so i switched to the WoW Addon "longmacros" it changes icons depending on the spell the sequence is on.

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World of Warcraft - Macro tips and tricks. Tex. Loading... Unsubscribe from Tex? Cancel Unsubscribe. ... /use 13 = use upper trinket slot. /use 14 = use lower trinket slot. Using, Equipping, and Managing Items with Macros - Using, Equipping, and Managing Items with Macros Items are used in macros with the / use command. No more fumbling around in your bags to find that particular trinket you need to equip, or that consumable you don't have on your action bar, especially when the pressure of time is on. WoW item slot for macro | World of Warcraft GamePlay Guides

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There are 18 equipment slots on a character, as well as 4 bag slots above the Micro Menu and a mount equipment slot in the Mount Journal. The combination of equipment slot and item type is often the first categorization of items used. Need trinket macro help! - Hunter - Wowhead Forums Macros can refer to different slots with those numbers. 13 is the top trinket slot. 14 is the bottom one. So instead of "/use Bloodlust Brooch", just do "/use 13" if it's in your top trinket slot. Your macro could include "/use 14" as well so that you automatically use the second trinket when the trinket cooldown finishes. /cast Bestial Wrath

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vanilla-wow-addons/s/SuperMacro at master · ericraio/vanilla ... You can use a macro to call other macros simply by providing the name of the other macro. When writing a macro, you will have something like this: /script RunMacro("Attack"); where Attack can be replaced by the name of another macro. You can also use Macro() in place of RunMacro() if you are close to 256 letter limit.

I would rather have a /use slot (14?) so i can just keep it as a built in macro in my general list for all my characters.I'm not too sure what you want to achieve, unless you macro the trinket to an ability there is no point using a macro.

Inventory Slot Numbers - WoWInterface Jun 21, 2005 ... 12= Ring2 (lower ring slot) 13= Trinket1 (upper) 14= Trinket2 (lower) 15= Cloak 16= MainHand 17= OffHand 18= Ranged 19= Tabard For use ... Check if Trinket is off Cooldown, then Use it. - OwnedCore Sep 17, 2010 ... Check_if_Trinkets_are_Ready{ if yes, /use 13, 14; } /cast ... You cant use if statements in WoW Macros, or any decision operators with Blizzards LUA. ... Where Mark of Supremacy is the item and 62 is actionbar slot

Using, Equipping, and Managing Items with Macros. Trinkets are the most commonly useable equipped items, so this command is most applicable to the trinket slots: 13 and 14 (a full list of slots appears below). Thus, a macro to activate whatever trinket is in your top trinket slot would include the command /use 13. Bags have numerical values as well, as we will see in the next example. Macro for Trinkets : wow - reddit /equip trinket 1513 -> this will put the trinket that you type the name of into slot 15, which is your first trinket slot. Your second trinket slot is 16 14. You could also just use gear sets from your character screen. Edit: I was incorrect on the trinket slot numbers. InventorySlotId - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of...